6-Down, 5 letters.  It’s last Friday’s puzzle, rescued from the recycle bin at BART.  I didn’t get a single sure answer on the train but now I’m making a little headway, the rally begun by outfielder Francona, TITO. I haven’t got anything in left field, but I’m a “gritty combination of optimism and doom.”

Honorary title bestowed on Bill Clinton, Muhammad Ali, and Mae West. (Dear reader. Are you happy to see me?)  Four blanks, then UCK blank blank OL blank N blank L. I got it!  KENTUCKY COLONEL. I stand and salute Colonel Kennedy, Colonel Ali, and Colonel West.  And of course Colonel Sanders.

Now answers are falling like confetti.  Lyle Lovett song If I had a___ turns out to be…TOWCAR??  Well, it’s Lyle Lovett.  Here’s PETE, Rose with a hit record. And 1-A is FAIRSHAKE, which is what we all want.  That means the Berry starts with H, 4-th letter L.

HALLE. Halleluia.  What a day this will be, full of juicy parts.


One response to “BERRY WITH JUICY PARTS?

  1. You’re amazing! I love your writing and your perspective. I hope you enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading it.

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