Welcome to the verbaceous, blackberry.  You’ll be spending a few minutes in the vestibule.  Enjoy the TV; hear fellow newbies at work.  Learn how to ruggedize your laptop and incentivize a deal.  Don’t mind me if I crankisize for a while.

New words.  Father, why do they sound so nasty?

Ponder this: Shakespeare coined some 2,000 words, among them radiance, majestic, and excellent.  Twitter that.

Then there’s blog. Complaining about it is a well-worn rut.  I suppose it’s descriptive. It sounds like as an obscure bodily function that emits gas, generally odorless, into the blogosphere.  Which reminds me, are we still supposed to worry about the methane from farting cows?  Is there a way to incentivize going vegetarian?  I’ve managed it, even in Kansas.  It’s possible.

Words should be treated with care, like berries, small and tasty.

Well, maybe not so small.  My friend Randy tells me of stopping at a fruit stand in North Carolina where the blackberries were “as big as a walnut.” And they tasted good.  They tasted excellent.  He didn’t ask if the purveyors if they were doing anything particular or peculiar, but I put him on the trail.  What’s the story?

“Big as the lower knuckle on your thumb,” he said.

“I liked walnut better.”

“I was exaggerating.”

“My knuckle is as big as a walnut.”

“Okay.  A small or moderate-sized walnut.”

Blackberries big as an incentivized walnut.  1 mile ahead.  U pick.


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