The theme of Suzanne Biaggi’s design for the Show is “the natural flow of nature versus stopping that flow and accumulating which humans have done and which is the root cause of imbalance and global warning.”

Only dead fish go with the flow, an Alaskan sage recently said.  (And you thought you were in a Sarah-free zone.) Wrong.  Fighting the current might be a thrill but it’s not a long-term strategy when you’re on a raft in the mighty Mississippi, which metaphorically we are.  But it’s not a bad place at all.  When you tie up is when the trouble starts.

“Come back to the raft, Huck honey.”

Eventually the river ends, and you trek back north, back home if you’re lucky to have one and want to return.

A feature of Suzanne Biaggi’s design is a “green roof.”

One hundred years ago my grandparents lived in a sod house, the roof of which would drip for days after a rain, through which snakes would occasionally drop. Next week I return to Kansas for the auction of the family house and goods.  It’s home, always will be, the frame for the flow.  And we know, there’s no place like it.  I have feelings I’m not even aware of.

Here’s my fantasy.  Huck doesn’t stay put at the Widow’s house but alights again, going west.  He crosses the border into Kansas, runs into a cutie named Dorothy, and well, you tell me the rest.  (Hint: they don’t settle down and accumulate.)


One response to “HUCKLEBERRY

  1. An Alaskan sage — oh, please! Let’s hope she stays on that bridge to nowhere. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Huck. . . now that’s something worth thinking about.

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