Emmanuel Donval, responding to my query about how he takes on the challenge of the show (where brilliant design meets sustainable practices), wrote: “A brilliant design challenges your preconceptions, and sustainable design is what we are striving for…where they meet is Nirvana, a rarely achieved moment but so enlightening when it occurs.  I have a couple of samples.”

A couple of samples.  Naturally I inquired.

His firm is called Green Cherry.  “The new garden is like a green cherry that needs to ripen.  I like also the many meanings of the word green: green for garden, green for sustainable, green for unripe potential.”

The potential for Nirvana.  My last post was sour, a droop, about genetic engineering, but I also think Nirvana, the rarely achieved moment, is possible.  Actually it’s not so rare.  It happens almost every day, even on lousy ones, when I’m doing my job tending other peoples’ gardens.  Nabokov described it, “A sense of oneness with sun and stone.  A thrill of gratitude to whom it may concern.”

No doubt there’s someone out there figuring out what gene triggers that.


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