I thought it was the rat, the movement in the apple tree.  It was a jay instead, that stepped to a far reach of the branch and began jamming its beak into an already half-excavated apple.  Yesterday I surprised one of the squirrels with an apple larger than its head in its choppers.  Movement arrested, it lifted tail into a question mark: do I drop it and run?  It didn’t drop it.  It didn’t have to.

I’m starting to wonder about my take of apples.  The tree is loaded, and thus far, I am doing better than a banker, but eviscerated apples are multiplying.  I mentioned the rat before, which is where I draw the line, though the line, thus far, is purely metaphysical.


One response to “WHAT WOULD YOU DO

  1. Nothing like a metaphysical line around a bunch of literal apples. My question is, are they extra yummy apples? Can I have one?

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