Like the day in January when I see my tax preparer, the day in October when the Blue Angels return to our skies comes with terrible implacability.  There are few things I hate with such complete unambivalence, announced by the ear-reaming roars the cause every pet within miles to scooch under the bed and tremble.   I was picking apples when one went skimming past.  There is a fascination is witnessing so efficient a death machine, but I didn’t look up; I cringed, waiting for the crash and the fiery explosion. Last summer at a family gathering I learned that one of my cousin’s nephews or was it son-in-law is a backup pilot. I nodded, as if impressed.  I didn’t mention my crash-and-burn fantasies.



One response to “BACK SO SOON?

  1. I’ve had the same fantasy/desire, Richard. Big deadly fucking expensive wars, deadly fucking expensive toys.

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