Resetting the clocks.  The computer.  The toaster oven.  The bedside alarm.  The CD player.  The phone, welcome anamoly, sets itself, thank you.  Finding the manuals with the instructions detailing the manifold idiosyncracies.  (Where are my reading glasses? Should I see an opthalmologist?)  I got up at the usual time, though it was a metaphysical hour earlier and my get-off-your-lazy-ass internal voice had to accomodate this hour-sized augmentation of virtue, a leap forward in self-discipline, with barely a finger lifted.  Just the way I like it.  Fall back, critic.

Not only a new and arbitrary hour, a new season dawns, on schedule.  Winter. The temptation to crank up the heat is irresistable.  Dark skies don’t lighten and rain mutters finding its way around the obstacle of my dwelling.

Today’s quiz:  5 examples of what occur here?



5 responses to “FIVE IN THE MORNING

  1. Your quiz eludes me, but your cell phone interests me.

    Regarding timekeeper re-setting challenges, I listen to my father-in-(not)law, who tells me to forget all those other gadgets and just trust my cell phone. Such blatant embracing of new technology by the generation before mine tickles and shocks me.


  2. Okay, Okay. I get it already!
    Anybody else want a hint?

  3. I’d like a hint please.

  4. the hint is in No Their There

  5. Five misspellings (or typos??), easily overlooked and unnoticed in the reading, except for ophthalmologist. I paused at that one, but decided not to stop and look it up. Of course, once noticed, they are REALLY noticed.

    When I respond to emails, I have to sit on my hands for a moment, so that I don’t correct typos. :o)

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