Addictions are like lint.  (Is there still lint?)  One of mine is reading online comments, the bastard spawn of letters.  Theirs a lot of thinking going on and strategy behind some of it, how to get your precious opinion listed first or close to it to garner high Reader Recommendations.  Even I can’t read down to post 150.  Two deleterious effects of my addiction: a increasing sensitivity to misuse of their there they’re and your you’re. It’s not that difficult, but hey, your going to ask, why should I care anyway?  It’s there problem. The other is that I’m having more trouble spelling.  I type away and there appears the sqiggly red underline.  I try another spelling, the sqiggle remains.  How many ways can this particular word be mispelled?  Let me count them.  Five so far.

Obvious clue to previous quiz herein.

Ur welcome.



One response to “NO THEIR THEIR

  1. I’m with you, Faro, though I still haven’t figured out your riddle (never was one for riddles). I hurl myself into fits of dismay several times a day over misuse of there/there/they’re and other hairy homonyms.

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