Big thrilling news in Fogtown, the snow forecast for the weekend, and here it is, the weekend, all sun and blue sky. The only thing getting frozen are the assets of Ghaddafi, and not a minute too soon, having suddenly surpassed their shelf-life.  Just like Mubarak’s.  Ill-gotten gains go bad, like most other things, who would have thought?

Love so often goes bad.  In the Denver Post last Monday 6 pages were devoted to the trade of Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks, his betrayal and the 65 million dollar 3-year extension to his contract.

Divorce is painful.  A trial separation might have been tried, like the one working so well in the U.S.; the rich from the rabble demanding their health care and their pensions in out-of-the-way states.

Hey, everybody’s got to sacrifice.

My sacrifice today, I’ve decided, is giving up ice and snow for blue skies and 50.



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