Bibles, from Dick Clark.

Submitted as plural, this nominee stirs up some confusion.  Are Cake, Rose, Chocolate, etc. Bibles to be included in the put-down?  I suspect not.  I suspect we’re talking not about Rose Levy Berenbaum but the Supreme Omnipotent Being with His Heavenly Army and His exegetic minions in their man caves.

As such, definitely a contender.



2 responses to “ANOTHER ENTRY

  1. Seeing the name Dick Clark brought to mind, well, Dick Clark — not the contest entrant bearing the Bible, but his eponymous other — the American Bandstand/New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Dick Clark. I would like to enter that Dick Clark in the contest.

    • In Faro's Garden

      Tempted to the point of irresistibility, we nonetheless cannot allow persons no matter how deserving to be nominated. Whoosh! There goes any number of politicians.

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