Sorry, Lisa377, can’t accept the pet rock. The decision may appear unfair, arbitrary, but we have our reasons.  And you can enter again, as often as you like.

First, all rocks, even pet rocks, come from other rocks, and thus have a good lineage.  Some are even imbued with the aspiration to be stones.  Look at the ones at Ryoaan-ji.  Now look at a pet rock, and tell me you don’t see similarities.

It’s the pet part that seems stupid, but consider this.  My neighbors Toby and Tom have one of those chipoodles, a yappy one, who will move to the other end of the couch so as not to sit next to you, who hates to be touched by almost everyone but Janet (why Janet?) who tugs like a maniac when on the leash.  They took little Prima to a dog psychologist where they were told: issues of self-esteem.  How might they control the frantic tugging?  The psychologist refused to answer.  He did not deal with issues of control.

There.  Doesn’t a pet rock seem an intelligent choice?



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