Thanks, ShariBabe, for your submission, celebrities.

It seems too broad.  May I whittle it down?  I assume you reference the type of American celebrities whose inanities coupled with meager talent spread through medialand like swine flu. One thing is required for mega-celebritydom: awesome numbers of teenage and/or developmentally arrested fans. Charlie Sheen: a million twitterers in one day!!!!! It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, Lindsay and Paris and Justin and Miley.  Still hungry?  How about those Kardashians.  What’s for dessert?  Sarah Palin, better than chocolate.

I understand you can’t draw a distinct line between these goofs and celebrities with real talent whose lives go way out of whack, like Michael Jackson or Elvis, whose faces supplant the 2-headed aliens on the cover of Star.  A lot of their behavior looks stupid, but that’s being judgmental.  We don’t know what it’s like be so famous, to have every pair of eyes turn to you when enter the room but I for one would like to find out.  I imagine it’s like morphine; it gets in your system and ooohhh, feels good in a purring sort of way despite the clamoring fans. But it makes you nutty, nonetheless.  I am thinking of Barbra Streisand who gave Oprah a tour of her “dream home,” which includes a “street of shops” to house her many antiques and dresses from Funny Girl.  Funny peculiar.  If you’re brave, check it out:

I guess I didn’t whittle it down much.  Oh well.


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