Cathy Barber generously offers “several entries: religion of all persuasions, packing peanuts, lava lamps, the molded plastic body forms bathing suits are shown on, disposable underwear, indestructible plastic packaging.”

We have already covered religion (see “Another Entry”) and plastic packaging (“A Toss-up”), so we’ll eliminate those.  And while the breadth of my experience with things stupid is enviable, I have not a shred of judgmental capacity when it comes to molded plastic body forms, or really, most body forms in general, and no experience whatsoever (I’m not sure what this says about me) with disposable underwear.  So goodbye to those.

Lava lamps and plastic peanuts, they’re something else.  I almost feel a poem coming on.  Don’t you feel it too, Cathy? Contemplating either of these things I can’t help but feel inexpressible joy.  How many hours have I gazed mesmerized by the protoplasmic blobs in their cinnamon-red gravy, shape-shifting as any cosmic cloud.  Or skipped across asphalt chasing the styrofoam bits that swam like minnows out of the garbage can on a current of a breeze, tumbling ever out of reach, looking over their shoulders as if to say, isn’t this fun?



One response to “YES, IT’S FUN

  1. ok, can you wax poetic on cigarette butts?

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