Imagine my joy in receiving this entry  from Glenna Vee, couched in a style purpler than my own. Amazing!

She writes, “Your entries so far are colossal in their stupidity but y’all are neglecting the cellular level where stupidity goes viral. This morning, number 2 under “Most Read” in SFGate, check it out: Chimp penis spine DNA lost to humans. I struggled, yes I did, but did not click on it, suspicious it might be another article on Charlie Sheen.  The phrase is stupid?  Wrong.  It’s brilliant, especially if it is about Charlie Sheen.  What’s stupid is it works most of the time!  Who doesn’t spend hours sniffing through the internet like a dog on an unfamiliar block.  Only to find, you betcha, Charlie Sheen.”

Glenna Vee: whatever it is you’re nominating, you have one vote.


One response to “LOST TO HUMANS

  1. God help me! I DID go “sniffing” through the internet, wondering about the topic “Chimp penis spine DNA lost to humans.” I read most of an article detailing the research on this and finally stopped at penile spines. Uhhhh, NO. LOL.

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