Not again.  He picked the Jayhawks last year and they got Faroukmaneshed, which would have been a sensationally pleasant experience if it had happened to anyone else.  It was the pressure, no doubt, and the fact that we relied upon an erratic guard way too much, unlike this year when we rely upon an erratic guard somewhat less.  I’m not blaming Obama, understand, though I wish he would have picked Louisville or Butler or Richmond.  He said something about the Jayhawks making up for last year.  Great.  More pressure.  Barack Chalk Obama, half-Kansan, half-Kenyan.

Will we turn to pudding, O Son of the Morningstar?

In the meantime, notice his final 4.  All 1-seeds.  Is the man totally risk adverse?



2 responses to “OBAMA PICKS KANSAS

  1. Louis Bixenman

    I haven’t followed the Jayhawks closely, or any basketball team, since they started wearing baggy shorts, so your reference to Faroukmanesh reminded me of the lectures in my psycholinguistics class many years ago. Gobbledegook. Can you explain please?

  2. In Faro's Garden

    A guy who hit the shot of his life to win the game. First name, Ali.

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