In the past few weeks in my garden I have moved a slew of plants, from tree ferns to wild ginger, filling in the space left by the removal of a garden structure.  New territory was welcome; the garden was becoming a cave.  I should have waited until the house next door is repainted.  It could happen any day; the renovating hammers have been pounding for months.

I abused the tallest tree fern something fierce moving it a few feet south but it hasn’t shown a sign of resentment so far, nor has the Taylor’s Perfection camellia.  A real gardener (I know several) would have cut it to the ground.  One must be ruthless. Am I not tired of its pinkness?

May I congratulate myself on all the energy it took, skill, too, to pull this off. I want to grab people off the street and say, come see.  For the first time in a long time, I am lonely.


One response to “SPRING FEVER, I GUESS

  1. We’re here for the grabbing at 19. Could use an expert’s eye on a drooping wisteria too.

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