Lonely.  There’s a bone to chew on. Yesterday’s warble ended, “For the first time in a long time, I am lonely.” I debated for a while whether to write that.  Not that’s it’s not true enough, but hold on, it’s just another feeling.  It didn’t kill me as a boy, won’t kill me now.  Sometimes I even like it, as one might light the taste of horehound.

It is not loneliness that creates the headwind, but aloneness, the generic-existential chill of floating in space in a balloon of skin. We all know that feeling.  One might see it as liberating.  Or, one could get a dog and marry it, as Elizabeth said her brother-in-law has done.

I’ve been noticing our city has more dogs that ever.  Have you?


5 responses to “GONE TO THE DOGS

  1. ..”generic-existential chill of floating in space in a balloon of skin”…SO well said!!

  2. Yes, to the question of more dogs in the City, and, it seems to me, more designated “service dogs” too. On a recent flight back from the East Coast, I shared the usual cramped quarters with two young City dwellers and their canine service companions. The dogs were impeccably well-behaved and fit under the seat in front of their humans better than my carry-on bag in front of me. Their “service”was of the mental health variety, I presume; neither human was blind. The only disruption caused was due to a glitch in the airline reservations system which had placed the two humans and two dogs in the same three-seat row. With five air-breathing beings and only four oxygen masks poised to descend in the event of a loss of cabin pressure, safety required several flight attendants to rearrange people, including a lap-sitting baby and people allergic to dogs, until a state of “no more than one per mask” was achieved. Quite a logistical feat. Only delayed take-off by 20 minutes. Or so.

    • 2 humans, 2 dogs, 3 seats, 5 beings, 4 oxygen masks, several flight attendants; I need a service dog for the math.
      Mental health ‘service dog’. What do you know?

  3. One of the first things I commented on (did I tell you this already?) after moving to Colorado is that it seems new arrivals receive two things: a dog, and a bicycle. I have yet to receive my commission of either, but I’m confident both will be present and accounted for within six months.

  4. Ask one of your aunts, How much is that doggie in the window?

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