A complete menu of grouse fare might itself fill a book.” –Wikipedia

A joy of the gardeners’ lunch is the likely exchange of great client quotes. A request for “water-resistant” plants was good but even better was the one from a Forest Hills matron whose garden is a sterile, designer creation, stainless steel dividing rectilinear beds from gravel.  The rigor of the layout is such it ought to inspire plants to stand upright and well-behaved into eternity but they often flop instead (Calla lilies??! Japanese anemones!!? You’re kidding).  Meanwhile, the perfectly raked gravel 5 minutes ago is no longer perfectly raked.  Bamboo leaves flutter to a landing at the gardener’s feet.

“I just want my garden to look like someone cares.”


3 responses to “LIKE SOMEONE CARES

  1. The stainless steel corporations care, they really care. Happy almost birthday Richard.

  2. I saw three fat grouse on my hike in the mountains last Sunday. Somehow they had not only survived the drought and wildfires, but had prospered. Grouse fare indeed!

  3. What about the pumpkin tree?

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