I know it’s not rational, but then, how can I be sure I know what rational is?  Some stupid small thing goes haywire (why am I suddenly not being notified it’s my turn in Lexulous?) and I find myself down some alley in cyberspace where the signs are in a language that is a close copy of the English I am fond of but is curiously and maddeningly opaque.  I quickly discover it’s not an alley at all but a labyrinth with a distressing array of choices.  Clicking on HELP leads to yet another dim byway.  Lexulous provides a box to type in a question (is type still a word?), promising they will answer with 24 hours.  Do I believe that?  About as much as I believe I will find help in HELP.

To all of you rolling eyes saying Jeez, such a Luddite…smug bastards, I hate you all.

Where was I?  I am not getting notifications, even when my playing partners NUDGE me.  Perhaps they think I am too busy, when I’m obviously not, I have time to waste figuring out why I’m not being notified. I tried re-signing in and am informed, already signed in.  I knew that, but you never know. Why am I wasting my life doing this?

Here’s what I think: not all the bugs are mechanical.  There are also insectoid gremlins gumming the works (let’s call them widgets) every bit as demonic as the troll under the bridge. I won’t say they’re out to get me.  I’m not nuts.  But I do try to be inconspicuous around them at all times.


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