“About 11 a.m. Monday, a state trooper told the couple that they had 15 minutes to evacuate. They filled their two vehicles with her grandmother’s jewelry, his firearms and their mortgage papers and photo albums, along with a puppy and a kitten. They realized later that they had left behind the urn with Mr. Austin’s mother’s ashes.”  New York Times.

Whatever I think about their governors, I feel compassion for Texans besieged by drought and wildfires.  I grew up in Kansas.  The wind and sun make you inclined to pray.  (I swear on my grandmother’s grave never to complain about the rain in San Francisco.)

What would you take given 15 minutes?  The couple took grandma’s jewelry but not grandma, but then…ashes to ashes.  He saved his firearms.  The arsenal is not described.

There seem to be 2 types of men, the kind who love guns and the kind who don’t. The governor brags about saving his daughter’s puppy by shooting a coyote with “a Ruger .380 with hollow point bullets” when he was out jogging.  Another reason not to jog.

In other news…there were two more instances of hunting accidents, the most recent in a Nevada IHOP involving an AK-47 and National Guardsmen having breakfast.


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