Always I expected to be an exception.  I never would be the cranky oldster clueless about new pop music.  Now I admit that my only wish is to avoid it as much as possible.  Week after week  I read the articles in the New Yorker by Sasha Frere-Jones, about someone I never heard of and would hear of no more. No more.  Only you, my trusted cyberface friends, will ever be told that I have a Judy Collins Station on Pandora.

I don’t listen to a lot of music, in any case.  I play the same CD over and over.  Goldberg Variations.  A friend gave me a boxed set of Ravel for my birthday, which I haven’t opened.  I understand the desire, so strong it feels like need, to grab the iPod as the first accessory in leaving the house, but I prefer the soundtrack of experience. I know, I sound grimly virtuous. So let me repeat, I understand why you wouldn’t want the soundtrack of experience.  I’m trying not to be cranky about people who never hear a “good morning.”  Good morning, goddammit.  What?

Another thing I never expected was forgetting how to spell.  I type away and a red worm slides under words like “curlique.”  It’s with a c, I discover, after some digital manipulation.  God forbid I actually open the dictionary, sitting on the shelf like some aunt in a retirement village.  Any number of words get the red squiggle and half the time I’m clueless why.  Spelling?  Grammar?  Bad taste?

When I type “clue less,” no worm.  Helpful as technology wants to be, it has the personality of a mosquito.  Look at what your local café has become.  Just an observation, not crankiness. Yesterday, at a café way out in the avenues, somebody was softly playing a guitar and it sounded like a revelation.  Grace notes.  Glissandos.  Musical curliques.


3 responses to “CURLIQUES

  1. Time to open up our own cafe, reading of magazines and books only. Also a restaurant where you can hear the person seated next to you!
    Cranky? You are not alone.

  2. How do They say it now?
    I can relate.

  3. Hey, Richard! I could really relate to this one! Those “worms” are really a pest these days. AND so much for having a real conversation, face-to-face in a cozy little cafe on the corner. I usually can’t even find a place to sit because each table has 1 person plus computer and 3 empty chairs!
    I look forward to “visiting” with you via your entries—-oh my, what does that say about our relationship! I actually look forward to conversation face-to-face when we can eliminate the miles between us. Joanne

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