The blogger begins to write about writing a blog.  Then it’s about the blog’s effect on the world.

I have a reader in Malaysia, and 6 in Tonga.  I hope one is the queen.



3 responses to “HOW QUICKLY IT HAPPENS

  1. Well, I’m your reader and I’m in Nyack, NY. What am I, chopped liver? Actually, at the moment
    I’m just down the street in Bernal Heights for the holidays. And, to be honest, I’m neither the queen nor king of Nyack, but I do know the new mayor, and, more importantly, Deborah, head of the Nyack Parking Authority; Jack, owner of Pickwick Bookshop; and Kevin O’Donahue, owner-bartender of O’Donahue’s Pub. I have a lot of street cred in Nyack. Keep the columns coming. Jim Ramsay

    • OK, seeing as you know the mayor, the head of Parking, the owners of a bookstore and a bar, you have ALL of the bases covered. Ergo, you displace the queen of Tonga, may she never read this.

  2. We are amused.

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