I had to have it, one of the prizewinners at the Camellia Show.  The flower was as big as a face, red, ruffled, with yellow stamens, showy as all get out.  What luck.  The vendors had one left, a healthy, if gangly, specimen.

You know what happens next.

The first spring it had no flowers, the second just one, lovely but…This morning there are 5 big ones open and a bunch of buds.

What was I thinking? Sick!  It’s a gown at a barbeque joint. It’s so…dowager-ish, though it is named for a man, a name I always forget.  Doctor Somebody. Clifford Irving.  Irving Berlin.

Fortunately I kept the tag.  Unfortunately I don’t know what I did with it.

No problem. Here in googleland the name is found: Dr. Clifford Parks.  Who he?   A noted camellia breeder.  A parent of the cultivar is ‘Kramer’s Supreme’, which I’ve scorned forever.

Page the doctor, the nurse, the lady with the alligator purse.  Ask if any of them want it.


4 responses to “A PRAYER ANSWERED

  1. Your plight is deeply moving (snicker). Should it be white? A Dowager Virgin Bride? A Fabregé Egg Bush? In just a short epoch, those blooms will be 15 feet up and can be admired from a safe distance.

  2. Poor thing, having to gaze upon a beautiful flower while we are blinded by dirty snow. tsk tsk.

  3. In Faro's Garden

    how I suffer…

  4. You can bring it to me, I’ll accept it. I’ll even dig the hole for you to put it in. Can that offer lure you to Washington??

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