I could heat a hamlet in Kansas with the amount of energy I consume trying not to lose things. Three times a day my treasured hori-hori is misplaced in some garden, sometimes for seconds, sometimes minutes.  If the minutes congeal into chunks of time, I stop what I am doing and look.  Sometimes I find it right away.  Sometimes I spend embarrassing amounts of time crawling like a metal-sensing robot over the garden.  Sometimes I find it buried in the green bin.  But I find it; I am a success.  I have had this particular hori-hori so long that the serration is worn smooth.  John asks when I’m going to buy a new one and I look at him in wonder.  How can he even ask that question?

I can only see this as getting worse, unless I begin a serious practice of nonattachment, soon as I find my glasses.


6 responses to “TAILS I LOSE

  1. Lovely. Facebooking this for posterity. At least until second quarter earnings results are in.

  2. ;- >

  3. My horihori is the miracle tool of 2010. I love mine.

  4. My hori hori is painted red. My glasses are lost, sitting up on my head.

  5. “The serrations are worn smooth” that is an under exaggeration,” your hori-hori is an inch and a half shorter than it once was. There is no useful pointed tip or sharpness of any kind. Your hori-hori is just a blunt piece of steel on an old splintered remnant of wood with little specks of faded red plastic tape. Go ahead Richard…Splurge!
    I love my new extra long hori-hori, more leverage, but it is harder to slip into a back pocket, it falls out.

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