A TO Z1 (in memory of Marylee)

Double crostics are like dessert.  You have clues to the left of a line of numbered blanks.  Sheepskin processed to resemble seal or beaver.  Six letters. Marylee and I would plow through the list, A to Z1 and get maybe one for certain. One of us would read the letter/number combo and the other push the pencil, transferring the letters to the grid at the right. When the crostic is finished, the squares contain a passage from a book.   And, the icing on the cake, the first letters of the answers A to Z1 reading downward spell the author’s name and the work the passage came from.

Some times we got absolutely zero.  A lot of faint lettering occurred.  We parsed the passage for solitary squares and assumed they were A’s and not I’s.  We were a good team, equally stubborn.  If not a font, I was steady trickle of trivia whereas she was bold with the grid. “This has to be FLEMISH,” she would say, when all I saw was FEH.  We’re off on a gander, I would think, but what do you know, 3 hours later who would show up, RUBENS.

Holy cow, we got another one done, even if it is 1:30 A.M.

“Okay,” she would say.  “One more, and that’s it.”



One response to “A TO Z1 (in memory of Marylee)

  1. Serena Billmayer

    What a lovely memory of a wonderful lady.

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