Does it seem that things have gotten windier in about every way? There is a system for estimating and reporting wind speed called the Beaufort Scale that came to be used extensively in the 19th century, initially going from 0 to 12. At 6 half your sails are furled.  At 12 you’re in a typhoon. Some terms that correspond to 6 are blows fresh, brisk gale, fresh wind, steady gale, stiff breeze.

We’re around 6 this afternoon.  The wind frets the ferns relentlessly. It is one thing that humans seem intent on doing ourselves in, but dragging uncounted species along…In the Times this week, there was another article by a climatologist saying we are nearing the tipping point.

A not-negligible consolation: if tremendous gales (11) blow us to our ugly demise, surely one day light airs, inclinable to calm (0), will arise again.  Nature will reinvent. 


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