On NPR today, there was a brief report that researchers at the University of Kansas (go Jayhawks!) have determined that the judgments we make about people based on what kind of shoes they wear are accurate 90% of the time.  Liberals wear scruffier shoes than conservatives.  Extroverts wear shiny shoes.  Finally I can  come out of the closet and admit that I often base my entire opinion of strangers on what’s on their feet.  There have been guys I’ve been attracted to where the attraction went poof because of footwear and nothing else.  I know it’s a superficial quality, but it’s amazing how deep-seated superficiality can be.  Now knowing that I’ve been making valid snap judgments: I couldn’t be more proud.

Unless I consider my own shoes.  Would I be attracted to someone in these?  Not a chance


5 responses to “OUT OF THE CLOSET

  1. I was once hot-to-trot for a guy until I looked down and saw he was wearing clogs. Yuck!

  2. Louis Bixenman

    University of Kansas researchers (an oxymoron) recently revealed that the subjects of their celebrated “shoes” study were all undergraduates from western Kansas wheat fields. Rock Chalk of Ages!

  3. In Faro's Garden

    Dear Mr. Bixenman,
    The sample selected was barefoot, ergo, astonishingly unbiased.
    FYI, the actual Rock Chalk of Ages is also called Castle Rock, and it’s south of Quinter about 10 miles off Interstate 70. Don’t miss it, or you might. The “Ages” doesn’t signify eternity or even anything close. It means Ages 7-12. When I was 12 a good third of it crumbled to the ground. Castle Rock is becoming Bungalow Rock.
    Bungalow Bill

  4. Louis Bixenman

    Dear Bungalow Bill,
    Your soles may be calloused and hoary, but otherwise you’re remarkably thin-skinned, sensitive you might almost say. Hmmm…you’re not one of those that our farmer dad’s warned us about, are you?
    KU Class of ’75

  5. In Faro's Garden

    Yes, I am a Democrat.

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