Lately I’ve been letting go some of my snobby disdain for the Main Library with its rotunda of on-the-cheap grandeur, plus the incredible profligacy of wasted space where bookshelves should be.  Where books should be. Going there on a weekly basis to tutor Winnie the reality comes through, the building is welcoming, useful and used.  We use the 4th floor glassed-in cubicles for our lessons.  Someone thought of creating those cubicles.  Very good.

Winnie had to cancel at the last minute on Thursday because her toddler was sick so I had some time on my hands.  On the exterior of the columns of the rotunda on the 3rd floor I came across a series of 10 poems by Wislawa Szymborska, the Polish poet who won the Nobel Prize in 1996.  She died this year.  The poems are a salute to her.

Someone thought of putting them there.  Very very good.


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