I should be able to stop myself.  Cold turkey.  Not one more bit of political reportage, the poll data, what the folks along Florida’s I-4 corridor are thinking, how Paul Ryan is such an intelleckshul.  Yes I will have another Cheese Curl.  America, we’re going down the tubes what was the number one Google hit?  Paul Ryan shirtless.  Paul Ryan, Ryan Paul.  I can’t tell them apart.

What I don’t get, what none of us get, is how people we grew up with and maybe even (liberally) share genes with can be taken in by the Republican (insert Democrat if you are my eldest brother) claptrap.  Next eldest brother rails about the people he works with in Denver, and especially his friends Doyle and Mike who parrot every goddam thing Fox News says.

“Don’t they ever think?” he asks, exasperated.

I think that if you work at highly paid jobs in the defense industry, you’re bound to be surrounded by people absolutely opposed to any form of government welfare.

See, that’s why I live in San Francisco where people can walk their dogs without government interference and even better, I have encountered personally only one honest-to-the-one-and-only-god Republican this year and I will tell you he looked upon me with forbearance.  We steered clear of political discourse and got along fine.

Meanwhile, that Paul Ryan or is it Ryan Paul is one hunky wonk.



7 responses to “I WANNA BE A PUNDIT

  1. Mother Angelica does not agree with you.

  2. Oh dear. I never really thought about that aspect of potentially working in the government . . . Smile and nod, smile and nod . . .

  3. Who is Ryan Paul anyway?

  4. Paul Ryan Ryan Paul is no wonk.

  5. Do they think if they put in a VP candidate whom some find attractive people will forget to listen to what they are saying and vote for them anyway? Oh, never mind, it worked the first time.

  6. Marty Schwarzenberger

    He is really one book that you can’t judge by looking at the cover. Obviously, no content between the two covers.

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