Sonja: I used to live in San Francisco, and have come for a visit. I mention that my  legs are not used to walking so much, and my hamstrings are sore, along with everything else. It is wonderful.

This morning we had 40 minutes or so before meeting a friend for a mid-morning nosh. Life and death matters shared over a cup of coffee, tumbling through years since we saw each other last. A postcard serving of the living of it.

The walk was brief, we scooted along at a clip… knowing we were due to meet, at the same time each mural calling out for a moment, “Look closer…” Layers of words and sorrow and joy. Doors to universes.

Now I have been charged with making this post of our walk. I can’t believe I fell for it, but to my dear friend it’s impossible to say no.

I picked but a handful from Cypress and Balmy, these  marvelous paintings are incredibly inspiring, treasures for all in sheltered everyday places.


3 responses to “A SUNDAY WALK WITH SONJA

  1. These are great pics – and expressive pieces of contemporary culture.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Beautiful!!

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