“It’s a cost-benefit thing,” Urs König, a Swiss former dairyman is quoted as saying in an article in the Times.  Swiss Cows Send Texts to Announce They’re in Heat is not about some bovine version of Craig’s List, but reportage on an invention by professors at a Swiss technical college.  Since Swiss cows are under pressure to be better and better milk producers, they are stressed out, exhibiting fewer signs of being in heat, and calve maybe 3 times in a lifetime whereas 30 years ago it might have been 7 times.

A thermometer, connected to a sensor, is placed in the bovine genitalia.  Another sensor is implanted in the neck to calibrate hot-to-trot movement, and the two, by way of an algorithm, send a text to the dairyman in any of 5 romance (figuratively speaking) languages.  Voulez-vous coucher avec moi cet instant?

There is no mention made of the stress level of the bulls.


One response to “COWVINISM

  1. Sexting for cows. iMoo set for November release.

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