…quantum-information technologies let scientists consider “qubits,” quantum bits of information that are both 0 and 1 at the same time. Logic circuits, made of qubits directly harnessing the weirdness of superpositions, allow a quantum computer to calculate vastly faster than anything existing today.

 I could have lived quite agreeably without the two slivers of the apple pie Lily and I made yesterday (or 18th annual pie-making day, hurrah) which I ate plus a regular-size wedge, but it was irresistible, fork after fork.  For the record, 2012 was…is, it’s not over yet…another good year for apples on rue Mirabel, though the leaves of the tree all season looked like I do in photographs, riddled by quiddities of age.  How time flies.  Winter cometh.

Going even further is the seemingly science-fiction possibility of “quantum teleportation.”

There are still a lot of apples on the tree.  I meant to pick them today, to get all I can before the squirrels and the jays.  When I do, I’ll send some over.

(quotes from N.Y. Times, October 13, 2012, “Cracking the Quantum Safe”, by Adam Frank)



  1. I can still taste that piece of the 2011 version you shared with a couple of Mirabel neighbors. Wish I was in a sliver’s distance this year. . .

  2. They are delicious. More welcome! I will stand under the tree with a basket and catch ’em…

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