The first seasonal rain arrived ahead of schedule, no charge to recipient.  How about the downpour in the top of the ninth, the score a perfect 9 to 0, exuberant fans getting a fabulous drenching!  They’re not gonna forget that one, that last pop fly going up in the rain, and down in the glove.  Name the baby Marco.  I’m not either, though I didn’t see it.  I was listening on the radio, fittingly, since I grew up listening to the Kansas City A’s driving tractor.  Bitter milk.

Giants fans are everywhere.  City Hall is a giant orange popsicle.  At the opera last night, Jake Heggi,  before taking a bow for his opera Moby Dick, donned a Giants cap to appreciative laughter and applause.  Call us rainy weather fans.  I’m actually still a bigger Kansas City Royal fan.  Send donations.

Mostly I’m a rain fan.  Everything, every cell in the garden is vibrating with 3 degrees more intensity.  The light is pumpkin colored; maybe that’s Giants fever too.  Probably not.  When I stand in it I look ten years younger.  Everybody does.



2 responses to “A RAINY WEATHER FAN

  1. Your post just in time to put me in a welcoming frame of mind for the first winter rain in Rome. Due Friday. Today, last warmth of Indian summer. Everyone out on the streets eating gelato late into the evening. No one wanting to come inside.

  2. He didn’t! Did he?

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