That’s what the heading says in Rita’s email.  The suicide car bomb was at a church near where she used to live.  She’s “fairly far from there now.”  She wants to let everyone know, in case the news has reached American airwaves.

News of another church bombed in Kaduna, Nigeria probably won’t reach the American airwaves, focused currently on windbags and windstorms.

The BBC reports 8 people were killed, scores more injured. Already there have been reprisal killings.

Incidentally, the bombed church is named St. Rita’s.

There must me a word more substantial than ironic to describe the conflict that pits neighbor against neighbor, though now, more and more, neighborhoods are turning into enclaves of one religion or the other.  It is the nightmare reversal of what Rita has spent the greater part of her life working to achieve, alleviation of poverty and the fostering of peace.


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