My sister in Olympia says, “You don’t know how many times I heard, ‘Why do you want to go to college?  Richard went to college and what good did it do him?  All he got was an English major.  Now what good is that?  You should go to beauty school so you could do my hair.”

I don’t know if my mother ever changed her mind about my English major.  I hope not.  She was right, after all.

My sister in Nigeria skypes.  She is in Bauchi facilitating a workshop.  The cook there went all over town to find a turkey and cooked it just for her.  “I didn’t have to run over one.”   The year I was visiting we roadkilled one.  You break it, you buy it.  That was an expensive and scrawny chew.

As I write one Denver sister is cooking the dinner, the other picking up our father to take him to the feast.  I’ll call when they’re assembled.

Much to be thankful for, despite my wasted college years.



  1. And I’m still glad I chose college over doing anybody’s hair except my own. And I don’t even like doing that most days!

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