Last month, at a wedding in Santa Fe, my partner in chitchat said, “I’d rather get stuck in the foot with a pitchfork than listen to the Messiah another time.”  Poor guy.  I suspect a lack of experience getting stuck with a pitchfork.  Last Sunday Dickie and I went to a performance at symphony hall.  Oh my god, to coin a phrase.  I listened again last night and this morning.  The trumpet shall sound.  But given my hearing loss….

Christmas.  It feels like it.

Last night I had a dream in which there was a new order of nuns, a community called Amorica.

Amor y paz a todos.


4 responses to “AMORICA

  1. Oh, Richard. Merry Christmas to you! I love the Messiah. I have about 4 different recordings. Thank you for your posts. I have re-read the Thank You one several times, and it always makes me laugh.


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  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO  YOU, RICHARD!!         We’ve been listening to The Messiah all morning!       Ever “new.” With love and joy,    Joanne


  3. I’m putting on the CD right now! Merry Christmas to Faro. May your day be bright (no fires though) and your New Year filled with beauty. xoxoxo, anita

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