Exasperating and inspiring at the same time, mysteries in the garden persist.  This year my two daphnes are awash with blossoms, so that when I come through the gate I can almost float down the steps on the scent.  Last year the two may have had three blossoms in all.  Are there weather prompts which cause the fluctuation in numbers?  Is there such a thing as mystery with a capital M  or are there simply gaps in knowledge, i. e., ignorance?  This question is the heart of the debate between the god-rooters and the rationalists, whose goal is to reduce the gaps to pinhole size.  Both sides sometimes project the belief that we can get to the Truth.

We see the universe through a pinhole.

I read recently of a new app that you could somehow connect to plants so that if they are stressed they can send you a text.  Something like that. I ask, is this a good idea, one that will inspire love of Mother Nature?  I’ll send a drone over with a cup of water and teaspoon of trace elements.

How many Apollos can dance on the head of a pin?



  1. Ah, I wish the scent would float to Colorado? But we have “highs” from other local plants!!

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