I should have had my camera. They were all over the patio and the side beds, a yellow galaxy, in all states of decay, many still full of youth’s firmness (I put aside eight to take home,)  some  with coronas of mold, some under a blizzard of white mold, some blacking and crawling back into the dirt. My shoes made lemonade as I went crabwise through the garden gathering them like I was invented to do that, and when I was done I had a full garbage bag which weighed about as much as one of the moons of Saturn, the one where they discovered water.

A digression: it is never anything less than a blast of pure wonder to contemplate the satellite Cassini circling Saturn for years and sending back the micro signals that someone analyzes and learns that yes, there is a body of water bigger than Lake Superior below the surface of Enceladus? My salaams generally go to artists but a big one to these scientists. Yikes, that’s smart. Why is that water so exciting? What if there are microbes having sex up there? We’ll find out lots of great information, but mainly that it (life) can happen. I guess. It happened on Earth once upon a time.

Another orbiting digression: it makes me a little happy that these space majesties have names from Greek mythology. Admittedly, Enceladus may be one of the less attractive members of the mythic family. According to Wikipedia, he was one of the Gigantes, [can he play right field?] the enormous children of Gaia  fertilized by the blood of castrated Uranus. [Who’s your daddy?] Like the other Gigantes, he had serpent-like limbs and the scales of dragons for feet. Still, better than a computer-generated number. Which of course must be resorted to, given the number of celestial bodies and corresponding lack of mythic personae.

Quiz: how many moons does Saturn have? Bonus points: name them. No cheating. I’ll give you a hint: think Zeus crush.

More space debris, heads-up!: Who’s Your Daddy, Video, 2004. “An adopted Ohio high school senior [Is that you, Dickie?] discovers he is the inherited heir to a porn empire. Dropped into a bitter power struggle, his new flock of beautiful…”

A lemon grazes my ear, glances off my shoulder. I am the inherited heir to lemons. Life has done it, made its point. Maybe I’ll make some lemonade with my eight select lemons.



  1. <33!
    Seven moons: Plantae, Angiosperm, Eudicot, Rosid, Sapindale, Rutaceae & Citrus

  2. In Faro's Garden

    You win a lifetime supply of LSD!

  3. Hmmm… I am reading this at 2:00 pm on the west coast. How is it that the times for the PREVIOUS posts are AFTER 2:00 pm? Uh oh. Am I in a time warp? Or perhaps caught up on one of Saturn’s moons.

  4. Have I ever mentioned the deliciousness of preserved lemons? And ease of preservation technique?

  5. In Faro's Garden

    Time warps. I think that explains it. Or else a personal computer (mine) that has orientation problems. As for preserving the lemons, what I might or should be doing is not what I am doing. Perhaps I am warped.

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