The common meaning is to allow, as to facilitate. Let me entertain you. But “let” has an opposite, archaic meaning; to hinder, prevent. A let in tennis is when the served ball hits the net and bounces in. It’s a stroke that doesn’t count.

Since warbling about the neighborhood safety issues, I’ve become aware that my posts have given you, cherished readers, a wrong impression about our dear neighborhood. Yes, there are issues, probably more or less consistent with a lot of city neighborhoods. Yes, there is reaction, sometimes overreaction, understandable especially in those who have had their car windows smashed, their Minis upturned. When I write about the situation, thinking I’m writing satire I sound self-righteous and snarky.


So let me put that topic to rest. Picture me this fine spring afternoon, having come home from work early, in time to have fun doing a little more to the concrete wall using the tiles that Colette was happy to get rid of.  Colette is the friend who created the world-famous Sunset steps that I’ve taken you to see, if you’ve ever come to visit, or will, if you do.  No need to be afraid, let me assure you.



2 responses to “LET

  1. Dominic Martello

    When’s the no bitching, I love my ‘hood, tile party (before we start bitching about your ‘hood)?

  2. Hey, now I “need” to come see the 2nd set of Colette’s stairs   AND your wall!!!!     – – – – – – – -and walk your lovely neighbor! HAPPY SPRING!!!   Joanne


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