Where is thy sting-a-ling-ling?

After offering condolences for my father’s death, Janeann said, “Now it’s our turn to move to the edge of the double ditch.”

“I’ve never heard it called that,” I said.

“It’s an Irish saying.”

Since his passing other people have made similar comments.  There is no one between our generation and the abyss. Step right up.

You’d think the news that my personal star turn under the blue sky is of limited duration would sink in and prevent me from wasting hours dicking around on the computer, like I did this morning. It’s so easy to do.  Still, it was not a total waste. I found this.  My faith in humanity is revived.  Yours will be too.

Video: Nude Blacks hold off tough English charge – Story – 3 Sport – 3 News   

You’re welcome.




3 responses to “Where is thy sting-a-ling-ling?

  1. Dear Richard, I may have just violated work policy about downloading pornography on work-owned computers. Hope it’s OK to crash on your couch after losing my job…..Much love, E

  2. In Faro's Garden

    I think Berkeley should field a team.

  3. You give renewed meaning to the term dicking around. :o)

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