That’s what Louis aptly characterized a recent warble wherein I complained about some garden affliction. Was it the squirrels knocking the apples off the tree? Thunk thunk thunk on the roof.   Or as it just some low grade weltschmerz?

First world problem: a blanched euphemism for a whine. But they’re not the same, even though they come in the identical plastic wrapper.

In San Francisco we have plenty of both flavors. Lately high tech companies have taken to skywritten advertising. To ask, is nothing not for sale, sounds very much like a whine.

I read too many headlines: Apple Is Back and Better Than Ever. A watch. Do I want to monitor my heart beat? It’s such a delicate thing, I’m not sure mine could stand that much attention

Thunk. Now it races. Not my apples. Damn squirrels.

Another headline: Obama Vows Long Effort to Rout Militants.

Cheney says Iraq would be stable if he were in power.

Kissinger, who will outlive us all, has a new book out. Hilary Clinton chirps plaudits. They’re palsy-walsy.

A whine is understandable. Make it as loud and long as you want.



  1. Hmmm…calls for wine.

  2. Good morning to you, Richard!

    To chuckle, as I did, or on second thought should I cry? Think I’ll just WHINE!

    Hope all’s well with you.

    Joanne Gillis

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