Hey, they’re all good. The war that ended serfdom. The war that put the Holy (sic) Land in the right hands. The war to end all wars. The war that stopped the Nazis. The war to keep the dominos upright. The war that was barely a war we’d be so welcome. Oh my god, there are so many. It’s hard to think of a bad one.

(As if it never ended) we have a new one started. A really good one. Snuffing out barbarians. Who cut off the heads of their enemies rather than using a more civilized drone strike. Americans are so tired of war, but only of bad wars, the ones that hog the TV screen for decades, the ones where people they know get killed.


2 responses to “THE GOOD WAR

  1. Are you having a depressing day? Wish I could send you some of our cloudy, rainy day to cheer you up. I’m heading to the theater to see A Trip to Italy—–hear the scenery and music is beautiful.

    Joanne Gillis

  2. I don’t know what you’d call the state of mind from which these words arose. Depressed? Maybe. Or maybe simply reflective, seeking the kind of peace that can come from the act of bearing witness to what is, and sharing the reflection. Thanks for both.
    And as Joanne suggests, following up with something beautiful is also a good idea. 🙂

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