Apple’s digital wallet.

I told my students, I can get texts but you won’t get one back. And showed them my flip phone, and they understood. Carol said, “Well you know what the answer to that is?”

Sure I did. But I don’t want to get a smart phone because I know I’d be curled over stroking it lovingly just like everybody else. But now they’re going to make me get one, aren’t they? Or else I can’t shop at Walmart or dash in for a quickie at MacDonald’s.

San Francisco is smartphone central. The smartphone gives the citizen just about everything a life needs and what gaps there are a dog, preferably a small dog, fills.

Sooner or later those of us without one will be like the remnant wandering in the woods in Fahrenheit 451. Or standing on the street corner in the rain waiting for bus while all the cars with pink moustaches goes merrily past.

If we’re lucky.

Did someone say rain?

 Il pleure dans mon coeur                                                                                                   Comme il pleut sur la ville.

                                    From Romances Sans Paroles by Paul Verlaine

It weeps in my heart/ like it rains on the town.                                                      (amateur translation. Siri could probably do as well.)



  1. Might it help you to know that your 28 year-old nephew still insists on carrying a flip phone? Kindred spirits, I say.

  2. And I now want a Smart Watch!!!!

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