Naturally I wondered why I was getting a letter from Amazon. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the envelope there was a check. Royalties.

INV AMOUNT 4.71                        ADJUSTMENT (1.32)            NET AMOUNT 3.39

I guess they were saving on ink, leaving the $ signs off.

This evening I went looking for the check and I can’t find it. Maybe I recycled it.
Alas. I was going to take my friends out with it.


I googled Rain Goddess Amazon and boy, was I soon lost in Bezosland when I wanted to be among the lianas and the river dolphins. I am doing my best to pay homage to each and every one of the many rain deities; Tefnut, Iris, Lali Peri. Wouldn’t want any to get upset, and deities have a way of getting upset. So as not to leave out the boys (line up in alphabetical order, please) here I offer halleluias to Achuhucanac, Denka, Enlil, Isayawa, Jupiter, Mungo, Tawhiri. Gods, what do you want, virgins? Will you take substitutes? We got no virgins.




One response to “LOST IN A RAIN FOREST

  1. You did it!..or someone found a virgin?? nah….

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