This time I’d done it, landed foursquare on the funny bone. Previous submissions, maybe three or four, I knew beforehand wouldn’t make the cut. This was different.

The cartoon is of two pigs at a trough, one commenting to the other about a third pig with a slot for coins on its back. My caption: He’s running for office.  I could hardly wait for the finalists to be published.

Today these finalists were published:

His surgery paid for itself.

This little piggy owns the market.

Get a hammer.

All so lame, so undercooked, so inferior to mine.

I wallow in self-pity. Oink-oink.



2 responses to “SUBMISSIVE

  1. Yours is the best, the most clever. Perhaps too clever for the judges??

  2. Wallow away- you was robbed!

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