from The Book of Astonishments

This came yesterday from my friend Laura in Seattle:

My grandmother passed away this evening, at 9:05 east coast time, surrounded by her three children, in my uncle’s home.  She has been asleep for a week, and she slipped quietly away, peacefully after 94 1/2 years….At 9:30 my mom said they heard a ruckus in the backyard of my uncle’s house in downtown Decatur, GA. They looked out and saw an owl fluttering around, a completely unprecedented event.  Owls were my grandmother’s favorite, and her collection of figurines and owl themed coffee mugs was vast. She wouldn’t have believed it.


2 responses to “from The Book of Astonishments

  1. I love stories like this. I think they happen all the time, we earthlings just don’t know enough to notice them. May Laura’s grandmother continue to visit regularly.

  2. Cue Rod Serling. I rest my case…

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