HUBBA HUBBA (Ode to Tefnut, Goddess of Rain)

You breezed in

five days ago trailing

a modest amount of pomp

given your station and celebrity.

I heard a rumble from my bed, and maybe saw

a golden bracelet flung impulsively.

There came the sounds of drops

on the eaves the putter of the shelter

the caress, the steady assurance.


The rain fell as if it remembered us.

Sidewalks shrugged off old habits.

Lagoons spread at intersections

on Church Street flaring their wings

into a thousand million mirrors

in which to re-discover that we

like you esteemed goddess

are nothing but green teenagers.

Not so bad to be. Make a splash.


Five days in a row you grace our space.

wearing one ensemble after another

equally tasteful, muted grays and blues and pinks.

A rainbow behind a veil. Your modesty is becoming

if unnecessary. You’re a star.

It’s raining again this morning.

The camellias sigh with relief.

put their big ears out, listen, listen.

A moss-colored hummingbird probes a crack

in a concrete foundation, who knows why.

The air itself is nectar.


4 responses to “HUBBA HUBBA (Ode to Tefnut, Goddess of Rain)

  1. Beeautiful…

  2. AAH, the beauty of rain in California!!!! Was lovely to be with YOU!

    Joanne Gillis

  3. Grateful for recent refreshment(s).
    Her steady shower and splash.
    Your downpour of metaphor.

    I’ve fallen in love with a new book that Faro (and his fans) might like: “Braiding Sweet Grass” by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Author is Native American woman, botanist. Poetry as prose. Stories about language, of plants and of people who knew how to listen to them. Example: Pohpowee is the Potawatomi word for “the force which causes mushrooms to push up from the earth overnight.” Evidence of this force: four new (red!) mushrooms in my sidewalk garden this morning. Check ’em out!

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