The picture Rita sends is of Jummai, a 31-year old Nigerian woman who because of childhood rickets, is so bent over that standing she comes only up to Rita’s waist. Jummai is sitting on the high chair made especially for her so that her clients will not have to sit on the ground when she fixes their hair. Hope for the Village Child, the non-profit Rita runs, sponsored Jummai to take a yearlong hairdressing course, and helped her get the chair, a blowdryer, bottles of shampoo, combs and rack to hold them, plus an assortment of weave-ons (extensions.) Next week Jummai will have a ‘gayyata’ at her village to celebrate her new business and to raise money for a larger hair dryer. In Jummai’s words: “I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn this trade. If I get to open my own hair salon, it’s going to be the first hair salon in my community. This would give me a name in the community and change the way people look at me.”

Cheers and peace be to Jummai and all people of good will.



3 responses to “CHEERS

  1. Thanks for sharing…as always. ❤

  2. Merry Christmas, Richard! What a beautiful picture of love in Rita’s story. Is there a way to donate—-even if it is a small amount—-to Jummai’s salon project? Steve, Maureen and Mairead arrived yesterday. We miss Elizabeth/Bob. We are waiting for Mairead to wake up! No snow here so is good E/B are heading to Colorado. Love and hugs, Joanne

    Joanne Gillis

    • Joanne, this is Rita — any small donation would be appreciated and would be given to her. Ask Richard to give you Francine’s contact in Denver.

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