“It’s a do or die election for democracy in Nigeria,” Rita says. The election was postponed from February 14 to the end of March to give the incumbent more time to sway voters. He shows sudden interest in the conflict in the Northeast that has killed thousands and displaced over a million more. Trucks with his party’s insignia drive through villages and money get tossed from the truck bed. The villages are wallpapered with posters, villages that have no electricity. “The money spent on posters could have bought four transformers,” Rita says.

The incumbent’s allies hire protestors to demonstrate in London where his rival gives a speech. The organizer of the protest tells an inquiring journalist that she can summon a protest in favor of whatever he might want and whenever. How about a protest for the incumbent’s rival? Sure, no problem. Just pony up.

Meanwhile, back in the US, this Sunday morning headline: G.O.P. Race Starts in the Haunts of Rich Donors


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