Love exists in our neighborhood.

Clarissa loves the painter Andy.

Andy loves the pixellated stars on PornHub.

The stars on PornHub achieve a different level of love than lay people.

Lay people is not meant as a pun.

Puns are what Soralia loves, that and Sister Marta her gym teacher.

Sister Marta sometimes loves Jesus.

Jesus sometimes loves Dolores when she wins at Scratchers.

Dolores sometimes love her no-good husband.

Her no-good husband loves his 65 T-bird all the time.

The T-bird makes sounds like something well-loved.

Makes a sound like a cat in heat.

A cat in heat takes love to a different level.

A cat in heat caterwauls some Tina Turner.

What’s love got to do with it?

What Tina Turner loves we won’t know

Until she writes her memoir. Maybe she has already.

Marco Rubio has. Some people exist to write memoirs.

Tina Turner, I would guess, does not love Marco Rubio.

His mother only sometimes loves Marco Rubio.

Marco Rubio loves the great people of the great state of Florida.

The state of Florida loves elections because it does them so well.

Many people love things they do well.

Neighbor Claudia loves her garden.

Her garden gives neighbor Paul the hots.

The hots sometimes means rage and sometimes an attraction he won’t acknowledge.

Neighbor Paul professes to love, would die for, his dog Farkle.

Farkle reciprocates. Farkle loves everybody.

The truth is, if neighbor Paul had a heart attack during one of his rages, Farkle would transfer his love in a minute to the first available kibble dispenser.

Canines rule the city.

The city says it loves variety but prefers money.

Money is a philosophically debatable form of love but reliable.

Money loves our neighborhood more than most neighborhoods.

So much it wants to eat it raw.

Eating it raw is an authentic form of love, entirely digestible.

Digestion is the thing that Marvin cares for most. He won’t eat radishes.

Onions pickles celery peanuts or coconut cream pie.

Nobody, alas,  loves Marvin, not even Farkle.




One response to “HAPLESS MALES (14)

  1. Anita loves the word hapless. She also loves Faro’s Hapless Males because of which she’s finding it a little easier to love hapless males.

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